A Review from Brian Mear, on the album “New World” 29/11/18.

I’ve been listening to Ian Thompson ‘s album ” New World” for several days now whilst travelling to work and back
Ian is incredibly talented and a unique and wonderful singer/ song writer
He’s from Liverpool and now resides in the Isle of Man
The thing that stands out with this album for me is the quality and melody of the songs ( jointly written by Ian’s brother Jimmy )
You can’t help making comparisons with the Beatles with that standard of writing
There is rock, pop, jazz and classical influence s here
I hear shades of Van Morrison, the Beatles like I’ve already mentioned, Chris rea, Level 42 and even Madness
The diversity of each track and the craftsmanship is breathtaking
We live in an age where art like this seems to have so little monetary value
When you consider how much, time, effort and emotion that’s been invested here
This track ” Your my Liverpool ” has really affected me this morning
To me it’s a song about loss, about missing times past and loved ones especially parents
It conjured up my Mum straight away and I felt she was sat beside me in the car this morning as tears poured down my face
A stunning incredible album by a fantastic musician.
Beautiful.                                           Purchase album here


A review from Ben Sowrey – 3FM

I was first made aware of Ian Thompson about 6 years ago when he joined a musical trio I was part of, as a vocalist and guitarist. I was immediately struck by Ian’s voice; with perfect pitch and tone he was able to tackle any type of song we covered, with impressive results. Our group eventually became a designated Beatles cover band. Ian was arguably the biggest asset we had, as having grown up on the music his style and voice suited the material perfectly. It was about three years into my friendship with Ian before I first heard his original music. I chanced upon it whilst listening to Manx Radio, and was absolutely blown away come the end of the track, when the presenter announced who it was by. It was a far edgier effort than I would have expected from the man who I had come accustomed to playing ‘safe’ pub rock/pop covers with. It led me to seek out Ian’s back catalogue, which having listened to voraciously confirmed my suspicion that he is a serious talent. In an Island full of musical talent Ian stands up there with the best of them as his skill for songwriting is supported by his own abilities.

“Keys and Chords” Review by Patrick Van de Wiele, from Germany – April 4th 2018.


Translation – The British singer-songwriter Ian Thompson is from Liverpool, but now settled on the Isle of Man. He usually plays at bars and at private parties during the weekend. Ian already enjoyed international radio attention, such as in the USA, Australia, Italy and the Netherlands. Ian is supported by the Manx Art’s Council on his two last releases, the single ‘Inspiration’ that was released last May, and this album that saw the light of day last October. Ian wrote all the songs with his brother Jimmy. The music is more rock-oriented, such as the aforementioned single and ‘Hey Maybe’. I like the ballad ‘Stone’ better. Ian gets homesick for his hometown with the autobiographical ‘You’re My Liverpool’, a musical city that I want to visit because of The Beatles and the Mersey beat. For lovers of singer-songwriters.