New album – Strange Days – Released – January 23rd, 2021. Buy Here – Strange Days | Ian Thompson (

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New Single – You’re My Liverpool – Released – December 18th, 2020. Buy Here – You’re My Liverpool | Ian Thompson (

New Single – “Utopia” – released – August 28th, 2020. Buy here –

New Single – “Hold on to Your Mind” – released – May 22nd, 2020. by Spectra Music Group

New Single – “Lockdown” – released – May 15th, 2020.

New Single – “Babylon The Great” – released – March 17th, 2020

New Single – “Armageddon” – released – February 28th, 2020

New Single – “Even Now” – released – November 24th, 2019

New Single “Inconveniently in Love” – released – August 16th, 2019



Ian released a new single on 29/11/18  called “Nothing is Better” which was recorded with soul singer David Castro, Saxophonist Sammy J and producer Simon Harvey.  

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Mean Time

Ian’s latest album “Mean Time” release date – 28/09/18, Available now. Supported by the Manx Art’s Council.






Ian’s second single “Gameboy” released May 25th 2018, available now on  iTunes – Gameboy

Gameboy Cover from spectra





Ian’s 1st Album “New World” is now available from “Spectra Music Group” on iTunes. Supported by the Manx Art’s Council. October 6th 2017. New World


Ian’s 1st single “Inspiration” is now available On iTunes, released May 19th 2017.





   Ebony & Ivory (Single) (2015)

     Purchase on iTunes

   Cover version of the song ‘Ebony & Ivory’ released for    the Warchild charity, with fellow IOM singer David   Castro .