Gigs on the Isle of Man 2019.

Fri 4th January  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 5th January –  The British

Fri 11th January – The Compton Vaults

Sat 12th January – The Ginger Hall

Fri  18th January – The Railway Inn/Douglas (6pm – 8:30pm)

Sat 19th January – The Bowling Green (6pm – 8:30pm)

Sun 20th January – Quid’s Inn

Fri 25th January – The Creek Inn

Sat 26th January – The British

Fri 1st February  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 2nd February – The British

Thu 7th Feb – Quid’s Inn

Fri 8th February – The Haven Hotel

Sat 9th February – (private function)

Fri 15th February – the Railway Inn/Douglas – (6pm – 8:30pm)

Sat 16th February – The Creek Inn

Mon 18th February – (away till Wednesday 27th Feb)

Fri 1st March  –  The Bowling Green – 6:30pm – 9PM – JAK’s Bar – 10pm

Sat 2nd March – The British

Thu 7th March – Quids inn

Fri 8th March – The Colby Glen

Sat 9th March – cancelled 

Fri 15th march – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (6pm – 8:30pm) – (private function Laxey 21:30pm)

Sat 16th March – The Mines Tavern

Sun 17th March – The Bowling Green 6:30pm – 9pm – JAK’s Bar (10pm)

Fri 22nd March – the bowling green ( 7pm – 9:30pm)

Sat 23rd March – The Baltic Inn

Thu 28th March – Quids inn

Fri  29th March – The Creek Inn

Sat 30th March – The Cat with no Tail

Fri 5th April  – (private function 8pm) Jaks Bar 10pm

Sat 6th April – The British

Fri 12th April – The Mitre (Kirk Michael)

Sat 13th April – The Station (PSM)

Thu 18th April – S,D,O,F,A (Beatles night) 8pm

Fri 19th April – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (6:30pm – 9pm)

Sat 20th April – Beatles night (private function) 8pm

Sun 21st April – The Bowling Green – 6pm – 8:30pm

Fri 26th April – The Creek Inn

Sat 27th April – The Rosemount Hotel

Fri 3rd May  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 4th May – The British

Thu 9th May – Quids inn

Fri 10th May – The Secret Pizza – 7:30pm – 10pm

Sat 11th May – Sam Webbs

Fri 17th May – The Ginger Hall

Sat 18th May – The Queens

Sun 19th May – Compton Vaults (3pm – 5pm)

Fri 24th May – Cancelled

Sat 25th May – The Bowling Green – 6pm – 8:30pm


Sun 26th May – The Thirsty Pigeon

Mon 27th June – The Creek inn

Wed 29th May – The Quarterbridge

Thu 30th May – The Mitre/Kirk Michael

Fri 31st May – The Ginger Hall

Sat 1st June – The Bowling Green


Sun 2nd June – The British

Mon 3rd June – The Crosby

Tue 4th June – The Front Porch

Wed 5th June – The Quarterbridge

Thu 6th June – The Queens

Fri 7th June  – The Front Porch

Sat 8th June – Sam Webb’s

Sun 9th June – JAK’s Bar

14th June – (private function)

Sat 15th June – The Rosemount Hotel

Sun 16th June – Sam Webb’s

Fri 21st June – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (6pm – 8:30pm) Fun barn – 9:30pm.

Sat 22nd June – The Station PSM

Fri 28th June – The Secret Pizza – 8pm

Sat 29th June – The Manx Arms

Thu 4th July – The Railway Inn/Douglas – 6pm – 9pm

Fri 5th July – Tynwald Day – The Ginger Hall 3pm –  5pm – The Tynwald inn – 6pm – 8pm.

Sat 6th July  – (private function 2:30pm – 5pm) The British 9pm – 11:30pm

Thu 11th July – Quid’s inn

Fri 12th July – The Station PSM

Sat 13th July – (charity 1pm, Vagabonds)  The Union – 9:30pm

Wed 17th – (Charity night Beatles Royal Hall)

Fri 19th July – The Basement Bar (The Manxical  Mystery Tour (Beatles tribute band)

Sat 20th July – S.D.O.F.A

Fri 26th July – The Railway Inn – 6pm – 9pm/ The Creek Inn 9:30pm

Sat 27th July – The Manx Arms

Fri 2nd August  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 3rd August – The British

Thu August 8th – Quids inn – 8pm

Fri 9th August – The Bowling Green – 6pm – 8:30pm

Sat 10th August – Sam Webbs

Fri 16th August – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (6pm – 9pm)

Sat 17th August – The Queens Hotel

Tue 20th August – The Trackside – 8:30pm

Thu 22nd August – Jaks – 10pm

Fri 23rd August – The Ginger Hall

Sat 24th August – The Bowling Green – 6pm – 8:30pm

Sun 25th August – 1886 – 6:30pm

Sun 25th August – Sam Webb’s – 9:30pm

Mon 26th August – The Colby Glen

Tue 27th August – 1886 – 9pm.

Wed 28th August – Quids inn

Thu 29th August – Sam Webb’s

Fri 30th August – The Bowling Green – 6pm- 8:30pm – The Creek Inn – 9:30pm

Sat 31st August – (private function) 4pm

Sat 31st August – The Rosemount Hotel 9:30pm

Sun 1st September – 1886 – 6:30pm

Mon 2nd September – JAK’s (solo) – 9pm

Tue 3rd September – Quid’s Inn – 9:30pm

Fri 6th September – JAK’s Bar

Sat 7th September – The British

Fri 13th September – The Front Porch (solo)

Sat 14th September – (private function) 

Fri 20th September – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (5:45pm – 8:45pm)  – Sam Webb’s solo gig (9:30pm – midnight)

Sat 21st September – (private function 12 – 4) – The Manx Arms 9:30pm.

Fri 27th September – The Creek Inn

Sat 28th September – Cancelled

Fri 4th October –  The Bowling Green – 6pm – 8:30pm – JAK’s Bar – 10pm

Sat 5th October – The British

Thu 10th October – Quid’s Inn

Fri 11th October – The Thirsty Pigeon

Sat 12th October – Sam Webbs

Sun 13th October – 1886 – 4pm – 8pm

Fri 18th October – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (6pm – 9pm)

                             Sat 19th October – S.D.O.F.A                                

Fri 25th October – (private function british embassy) 6pm – 8:45pm.

Fri 25th October – The Creek Inn

Sat 26th October – The Manx Arms

Sun 27th October – 1886 – 6pm.

Fri 1st November  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 2nd November – The British

Fri 8th November – The Front Porch (trio)

Sat 9th November – The Rosemount Hotel

Thu 14th November – Quids inn

Fri 15th November – The Railway Inn/Douglas – (6pm – 9pm)

Sat 16th November – The Queens Hotel

Sun 17th November – 1886 – 6pm.

Fri 22nd November – (Squeeze)

Sat 23rd November – The Baltic Inn

Fri 29th November – The Creek Inn

Sat 30th November – The Bowling Green – 6:pm – 8:30pm – The Sidings – 9:30pm

Fri 6th December  – The Railway inn/6pm – 9pm – JAK’s Bar 10pm

Sat 7th December – The British

Sun 8th December – 1886 – 6pm

Fri 13th December – The Thirsty Pigeon

Sat 14th December – Sam Webbs

Thu 19th December – Sam Webbs (duo)

Fri 20th December – JAKS solo – 6pm – 9pm.

Sat 21st December – The Front Porch (solo)

Tue 24th December – The Bowling Green – 6pm 8:30pm – The Baltic Inn 9:30 – Midnight 

Thu 26th December – The Front Porch (trio)

Fri 27th December – The Creek Inn

Sat 28th December – The Bowling Green – 6:pm – 8:30PM

Tue 31st December – The Ginger Hall (New Year’s Eve)

Gigs on the Isle of Man 2020.

Fri 3rd January  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 4th January –  The British

Fri 10th January – O’Donnell’s

Fri 17th January – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 31st January – The Creek Inn

Sat 1st February – The British

Fri 7th February  – JAK’s Bar

Fri 14th February – O’Donnell’s

Sun 16th February – 1886 – 6pm

Fri 21st February – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 28th February – The Creek Inn

Fri 6th March  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 7th March –  The British

Fri 13th March – O’Donnell’s

Sat 14th March – The Bridge Inn (Laxey)

Tue 17th March –  JAK’s Bar

Fri 20th March – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 27th March – The Creek Inn

Sat 28th March – The Sidings

Fri 3rd April  –  JAK’s Bar

Sat 4th April – The British

Fri 10th April – O’Donnell’s 

Fri 17th April – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 24th April – The Creek Inn

Fri 1st May  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 2nd May – The British

Fri 8th May – O’Donnell’s

Fri 15th May – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Sat 16th May – The Sidings

Fri 29th May – The Creek Inn

Fri 5th June – JAK’s Bar

Sat 6th June – The British

Fri 12th June – O’Donnell’s

Fri 19th June – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 26th June – The Creek Inn (Dave Holland covering)

Fri 3rd July – JAK’s Bar

Sat 4th July – The British

Fri 10th July – O’Donnell’s

Fri 17th July – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Sat 18th July – The Sidings

Fri 31st July – The Creek Inn

Sat 1st August – The British

Fri 7th August  – JAK’s Bar

Fri 14th August – O’Donnell’s

Sat 15th August – (private function)

Fri 21st August – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 28th August – The Creek Inn

Fri 4th September – JAK’s Bar

Sat 5th September – The British

Fri 11th September – O’Donnell’s

Fri 18th September – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 25th September – The Creek Inn

Sat 26th September – The Sidings

Fri 2nd October –   JAK’s Bar

Sat 3rd October – The British

Fri 9th October – O’Donnell’s

Fri 16th October – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 30th October – The Creek Inn

Fri 6th November  – JAK’s Bar

Sat 7th November – The British

Fri 13th November – O’Donnell’s

Sat 14th November – The Sidings

Fri 20th November – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 27th November – The Creek Inn

Fri 4th December  –  JAK’s Bar

Sat 5th December – The British

Fri 11th December – O’Donnell’s

Fri 18th December – Sam Webb’s (duo)

Fri 25th December – The Creek Inn (change date)